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Pat Davison

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Pat Davison has held staff positions at major U.S. newspapers and freelanced for dozens of magazines over the two decades he’s been a photojournalist. Davison is now a professor at the University of North Carolina where he combines teaching with photography and multimedia projects. Being a prof doesn’t keep him from shooting though, as he still takes assignments and sells prints of his work. He has a slew of awards under his belt, but most noteworthy is that Davison shared the Pulitzer Prize in News Photography in 2000 with the Rocky Mountain News photo staff for coverage of the Columbine High School tragedy.

Davison’s blog, Carolina Photojournalism, is not so much about his personal work (which you can find on his website) as it is a place to show off the work of his students, from beginning to advanced. It’s also a place to find out about the latest amazing multimedia project the students have done, like covering the Special Olympics live, documenting life in southern Thailand after the 2004 Asian tsunami, or documentary storytelling in the Galapagos. The multimedia projects are a truly amazing time of learning for students. I know firsthand from the 2005 project in Santiago de Compostela, Spain that I was a part of while at Carolina where I got to photograph the ancient tradition of caring for wild horses called “a Rapa Das Bestas”.

If you’re in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area it’s definitely worth checking out a photonight on the first Tuesday of every month where you can hear from photographers like Antonin Kratochvil, Kristen Ashburn, Chris Rainier and many other known and unknown photographers (photonight is where I was first exposed to the work of Vincent Laforet).  Finally, if you can’t tell already, I studied under Davison from 2005-2006 and found him to be a truly inspirational teacher, mentor and friend.

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Also, Pat asked me to make sure that Chris Carmichael gets credit for being the one who updates the Carolina Photojournalism blog.

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