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America reCycled

What happens when two brothers ride around the country on their bicycles together? Well, check out America reCycled to find out.

Tim Hussin is a photographer and filmmaker. After racing around the country on freeways to various internships over the past several years, he wants to slow down and rediscover the country that is strong in his blood, on a journey of personal and cultural discovery that he can share with those who will lend an ear.

All across the country, people are finding innovative ways to come together and make revolutionary change on a local level, to regain control of their lives, rediscover independence, and recycle the American Dream.
We’re finding them. And we’re telling their stories.

Noah Hussin is a writer and filmmaker. He likes Asian food, German words, and playing piano outside on gusty days. Having lived in three countries and spoken four languages, he has returned to the United States to explore a growing side of the country that remains hidden from much of the world.

Comrades Leah Albert and William Touhey, both artists of various sorts, are joining them on this adventure.

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